We were inspired by the theme of public health to create an educational game for kids and families to learn more about COVID mRNA vaccines and our immune systems. We ourselves were unfamiliar with how mRNA vaccines work, and we know that there is a lot of misinformation spreading about the vaccines, and we thought an educational but engaging game would make this knowledge more accessible. None of us are biology majors, so many hours of research went into this project.

This game was completely developed in Godot Game Engine using GDScript. To see the code that I have written, look at the ".gd" files in the Github repository. I apologize for not having time to sort the assets of the game. While I have used Godot before, this experience taught me to think deeply about the program's structure before diving in. Had I not thoroughly planned the layout of the game and how each piece interacts with each other, this almost certainly would have been a failure.

The art was completely original. Every asset except for the text fonts were created by Mara Russell in photoshop during the 24 hour timeframe. As evidenced in the Slack, many of the assets took several iterations and thorough edits. She also helped with HUD design and other UI elements.

To play the game, look in the Github repository for the folders "LymphoblastWindows" and "LymphoblastMac". These should contain the necessary files to play the game, though this has not yet been tested for Mac. Move with WASD, point and shoot with the mouse. ESC to quit.

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