We were inspired to save lives after learning of the inefficient nature of the modern ambulance service.

Why do we need LyftUp?

Ambulance service is indispensable to those in need of urgent medical attention, but its often inefficient traveling times create a fatal situation for those who face a life or death situation. Driving services like Lyft are useful for such rapid transport, but they lack seamless integration with medical services.

What is LyftUp?

LyftUp is a new and life-saving application that consolidates the power of driving services like Lyft with the prerogative of medical attention. LyftUp enables Lyft users to quickly call a Lyft to the nearest hospital; the driver themselves may provide medical attention if they have previously submitted professional medical credentials to LyftUp. LyftUp also enables drivers to register as medical professionals in order to help users decide which drivers to choose.

How was LyftUp created?

LyftUp was written in Python, using Flask for the web server. LyftUp makes extensive use of the Lyft and Google Maps API. The LyftUp user interface was created with HTML and CSS. Jinja2 was used to integrate the Python backend with the HTML/CSS frontend.

What's next for LyftUp?

LyftUp's next prerogative is to integrate its powerful services with other driving services such as Uber.

LyftUp. Get help fast.

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