Moving to a new city can be a difficult transition to make, especially when you don't have any friends, a reliable means of transportation, or know of any events to attend.

What it does

Lyft event discovery enables you to discover interesting events near by. It then allows you to Lyft Line to the event with other people who will also be attending. You ultimately get to hit three birds with one stone: you get to find interesting events, meet new people, and ride at a discounted rate.

How we built it

We built a web crawler to find local events near you, we designed the app using Sketch and Flinto, and developed the app in android studio.

Challenges we ran into

Categorizing the event data, learning how to develop android apps, and losing our data on one of the borrowed laptops.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built an app that we would actually use and overcame versioning issues.

What we learned

How to work as a team, how to build android apps, and how to source, refine, and utilize large data sets (big data).

What's next for Lyft Event Discovery ()

Implementing the Ice breaker game that we developed to help facilitate introductions among riders. Waiting to hear back from Lyft corporate development about our impending acqui-hire

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