An innovative, social life-management app that aims to skyrocket the user's life. Our goal is accessibility and unparalleled goal creation options. There are other goal-setting applications on the internet, but how is ours different? For starters, it integrates with Facebook and allows for a number of social features, including: Shared goals, Group goals & Assigned goals. Yes, you can form groups and, just like on Facebook, you can set it to be Open, Closed or Secret. Then you set goals for the entire group. Group goals. A shared goal is when you tag your friend on one of your goals . Say, you set a goal to have a date on Friday . The date also involves your girlfriend, right? What do you do? You tag her. Then, she'll receive a notification for this goal. She can either accept or decline it. Assigned goals are goals that you set for other people to make. This is especially useful for CEOs . You just simply tag the person, remove your tag. The person will receive a notification, just like with Shared goals, and he/she can either accept/decline it. If you've created a Shared / Assigned goal, you can also update it. (It will be updated with the other person, too) There's Immediate and Long- term goals. Also, a deep goal-creation interface for both. ( which is a bit different for each) Unlike any other program on the internet, we allow you to have backup plans. ( Plan B, C....Z) A huge focus for us is to give the user all the detailed information about his performance so that he/she knows where to improve, what the cause for most failures or successes is & just explore his/her creative options to tackle different problems & improve . We call it LyfeMetrix. It's a system of advanced graphs that explore the user's performance from many angles ( Like, number of goals(y) vs days(x), reasons for failure(y) vs days(x) , reasons for success(y) vs days(x) , all the different goals done (y) vs days(x) etc.) After you've done or failed a goal in real life, you can set it to a "Tick" or "Cross" on the UI. Whenever you complete a goal, successfully or not, the program asks for the reasons for success / failure. This is later reflected in LyfeMetrix. There's even more to our program, but we currently have LyfeByte in its Alpha stage and we have limited functionality . But the final version will be outstanding, we guarantee.

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