Problem: How will a smart city exist without smart health? Coronavirus is spreading at an exponential rate. Although there is no treatment for it, awareness and prevention can help seize the outbreak. Even if that happens at a minuscule level, we should be able to make some difference, better than nothing you know!

On 8th of February, WHO published this:

What it does

Solution: LyfBoT is a voice and chatbot, developed using GCP and Heroku, and present over the Website, Telephone, Assistant App and more. This NLP based bot talks to you just like a human would do and share vital information about prevention, cure, diagnosis, consequences.

How we built it

GCP, Heroku, Javascript

Challenges we ran into

Telephony Integration

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our motivation to contribute to save the world from Coronavirus outbreak.

What we learned

What's next for LYFBOT

Scope: LyfBoT will be scaled up to receptions of every hospital to attend patients with voice UI as well as receive their phone calls 24/7. We introduce the concept of ‘Internet of Voice’ and AI Receptionist.

Built With

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