An average American watches 5.5 hour of videos every day, and not every video recommendation is great. Even today the best recommendations come from our friends.

We solve the problem of content discovery by providing updates on how your friends are reacting to the content in real time. This helps our users to find the best and trending content among their peers.

Lyfe does facial recognition and tracks your expressions whether you are watching a “Key & Peele” video on youtube or watching the Mr. Robot on Netflix.

So imagine a particular video which has been watched 1000 times, we have the data to show where people laughed, got scared, and we can even tell when users got bored.

The bottomline is once Lyfe is on,

  1. Users can express in a more natural form than anything else out there, inc Facebook likes, or tweets. This form of expression is hassle-free.
  2. Users can know upfront what to expect from the video.
  3. It can help users facilitate conversation based on how people reacted to it.

Welcome to the future of how videos will be watched, recommended, and Expressed. ;)

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