With Black Friday looming and COVID anxiety spiking, impulsive shopping is more tempting than ever before. We made Lychee to combat these impulsive (and costly!) habits and introduce a bit of fun and delight into online shopping.


Lychee is a Google Chrome extension that keeps an eye out for possible impulsive purchases and incentivizes thoughtful shopping with light gamification. You earn points by avoiding impulse and saving money, which you can then use to purchase lychees to feed your virtual pet — save more money -> feed more lychees -> pet grows big and strong -> ??? -> profit!


Our technical challenges were (1) learning Google Chrome’s API due to the many specifics around the Chrome browser and (2) debugging asynchronous programming in Javascript. As a team, we had trouble finding the right rhythm to work together, but communicating more often helped us collaborate and work more quickly.


It works! We're proud of our idea and the final product works how we envisioned it. We also all learned a lot and made new friends!

What's next for Lychee

Currently, Lychee only works on Amazon — we'd love to expand it to more shopping sites. We also want to make its "impulse detection" more robust, reward users for keeping items in their cart for longer, and expand the gamification with cosmetics and other incentives!

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