Probably most of us have experienced ourselves or know someone who have had troubles getting a refund for goods or services (e.g airline companies, hotels, insurance companies) which they paid for, but did not receive.

Businesses bring COVID-19 crisis as an excuse not fulfilling the contracts they have signed. As money flow to companies has stopped, businesses refuse to refund, because companies prefer to keep money on their accounts. Most people don't know to where or to whom to turn with this issue as many of those companies can be in foreign countries and court disputes for (averagely) $200-300 are unreasonable as legal fees are usually way beyond that. Companies know that and that's why it's so easy to refuse to refund. Business reputation in the crisis is irrelevant. National consumer protection boards cannot usually help with foreign disputes and complaint to credit card company (which was used to buy the service or goods) usually helps only if transaction was illegal or invalid. So it inspired us to find a solution to this problem.

What it does

We have a solution

  • It brings together clients who have legal cases, with lawyers from all over the world.

  • Clients post their claim on the platform and if there is a critical mass of same type of claims against particular company in particular country, lawyer who has joined the platform, will take it to court.

  • Lawyers are other end of the program users. Any lawyer or law company from any country can join the program and can choose the cases they want to solve. Lawyers and law companies receive their fee after the dispute is resolved. It is fixed percent of the mass claim which is deducted from the received claim.

Example how it works: let's say we gather 200 claims against an airline, which operates mainly in area X. Claims from passengers can come from any place of the world and clients send their claims to the platform. If critical mass of claims is reached (e.g $100 000), it will turn visible to lawyers in particular country and they can accept the case. When law company is successful in the litigation, claim or settlement will be paid to the platform, which pays out the claim to client and legal fee to lawyer.

How we build it

Work is in progress, but simplified overview is that we create landing page as starting point. There will be 3 separate interfaces - client, lawyer and admin interface. Data, which is provided by clients, will be stored in a database.

Challenges we ran into

Most difficult challenges are legal aspects and data protection. Legal aspects in the world are different and as our solution must work in any country and in any court, we had to work out unified solutions.

Accomplishments that we proud of

We are proud when we get this done and working.

What we learned

we are still in the learning process

What's next for LWRD

Road of this adventure won't end with hackaton. We are well motivated to take the next step and get our product on the market.

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