We decided that as teenagers, who are all interested in the STEM field, we would integrate our love for computer science with an overwhelming and present-day topic such as healthcare. With LifeRoute, you can find the fastest and easiest route depending on your location and symptoms to the nearest hospital that fits your needs. We were inspired to start off with LifeRoute because of how we realized that if someone were to be injured or struck with illness during today’s times, it would be better for them to stay prepared such as knowing which hospital suits their specific medical illness/injury and the specific route to take. With VacRoute, we understood the tensions of vaccines especially regarding Covid-19 and we wanted to make it convenient for patients to be sent to a hospital with a vaccine in stock perfect for their needs.

What it does

We have two parts to our idea: the app and the website. Our app is called VacRoute and this is used for companies producing a vaccine, for example in Covid, Pfizer, so they know how many vaccines are still needed for distribution our app allows hospitals to add the address of the hospital, a photo, the vaccines in stock, and the vaccines needed. You can also edit it when the vaccines have arrived or when more vaccines are needed. Our website is called LifeRoute and this is used for patients who wish to find a hospital near you. After signing up and logging in, it automatically allows finds your location and the hospitals nearby. This is used especially now in Covid19 when we need hospitals more than ever.

How we built it

In order to code the app, we used Swift. For the website, we used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node JS, Express JS, and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenges we had was getting the login system to work and using the places and google maps api to present a cohesive, fully developed website that integrates information from the user's symptoms and hospital's availability. Although we were able to integrate google maps within our website, we were unable to provide a billing account accompanied with the use of google Map's api. This provided us with limited access to the website's mapping data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the amount of collaboration, dedication, and hard work we've devoted towards making this project. We not only helped each other out and received feedback when needed, but also was able to do research on our own to satisfy our project's needs. The beautiful UI of our website along with the innovative design of our mobile apps is something that we are truly proud of and appreciate.

What we learned-

We learned a lot more about the specific language(s) we were working on: for example, Cici and Tanika were mainly working on the website and we both learned a lot more about the languages we worked on such as HTML as well as CSS which are both essential for website design and development.

What's next for LVRoute -

For LifeRoute, we’d love to expand its functionality and relativity by making it so that patients can check the availability of a hospital nearby them depending on how urgent their condition is. As for VacRoute, we want to add in a priority vaccine distribution list so that states such as New York which have had higher Covid-19 mortality rates would receive vaccines first and low priority states are still considered for vaccines depending on urgency and are subjected to wait time. If possible, LVRoute would definitely expand worldwide so that not only American states are given the opportunity of direct lanes to hospitals depending on their location but other countries are given this function too.

What's next for LVRoute

Who did what?

Sumrudhi coded the app. Tanika and Cecilia coded the website. Akshara came up with the idea and the colour scheme.

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