We wanted to create a device to encourage productivity in various settings, realizing the importance of staying focused when studying, working, or performing other duties. We decided to tackle this issue by providing a means to better understand one's phone usage, a common source of distraction.

What it does

Users can scan their university ID or badge using an RFID Sensor to begin a new session. Once a session begins, our device incorporates an ultrasonic sensor to detect when a phone is placed on its platform. We are able to use this sensor to track when the phone is lifted, distracting the user. Users are able to view their phone usage statistics through a dashboard on their computer. As an added incentive to avoid phone usage, lifting one's phone causes their music to pause, while leaving it on the platform allows music to play.

Challenges I ran into

  • First hardware hackathon for many of our group's members
  • Various issues with components, and learning how to incorporate them into our project effectively
  • Learning how to use Spotify's API

What I learned

  • How to utilize various sensors, such as the RFID Sensor
  • How to interface between various parts of the project
  • How to develop an intuitive, user-friendly product

What's next for LVFTD

  • Developing more refined prototypes
  • Refining the dashboard to better display information
  • Increasing the scope of our project

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