Luxuria is an online C2C marketplace for trading new/used certified and verified luxury goods, using a web3 decentralized platform built on top of blockchain technology. It allows users to trade (buy and sell) luxury goods with upmost trustability and transparency, increasing the value for both sellers and buyers, and fastening the trade, transaction and delivery processes.

We are inspired by decentralization, regenerative and circular economy concepts, together with a fair p2p trade, removing the unnecessary middlemen. We believe in the web3, democratics and equality. With Luxuria, people gains back the power to do one-by-one trading through the internet, which was a not trusted environment, UNTIL NOW!


Luxuria is an online p2p platform built on top of Celo blockchain. There are 02 frontend modules, a mobile-first app for users + an Admin webapp portal for platform management. This frontend is connected to Microservices in the Business Logic layer that are connected to the Celo blockchain. SmartContracts, Oracles and other backend services interact between business logic layer and data/ledger layer.

What's next for Luxuria?

Luxuria platform is still under development. At the moment we have a MVP ready for demonstrations only, and we are working with VCs and seed funding, for further development requirements.

Be ready for updates soon!

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