This was for a design hackathon which was focused on the ideas and had some UI design involved but did not feature much coding. This UI skeleton was designed using Figma and made interactive using InVision. There are still bugs regarding where each section leads to.


One of our members was cleaning out an old room when he had an epiphany. He realized there were so many things that he no longer uses. Yet he also understands he is not the only one. He was wondering why couldn't there be a system where we could obtain things for a limited period of time. This is when he came across the idea of Luxaire. When he shared this with us, we were instantly sold as we realized that these issues were very relatable to us and being able to create a respectable and secure means of doing so, we were far from reluctant to try.

What it does

Based on simple shared economy principles and the ability to use escrow to allow for satisfaction and security on both parties, we have developed a system and program that is allows users to interface with leasers of day-to-day products (e.g. clothing, devices, toys etc.) and negotiate prices and means of obtaining these items. Users can remain rest assured that all their money is safe as we serve as a secure middle man for transactions until both parties are satisfied. This allows for much cheaper prices for utilising items as they will be returned to the leaser. We have added addtional features for convience and comfort such as a streamlined graphic user interface as well as ratings for leasers and buyers to have a general idea of reliability.

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