Before telling you about our product let’s talk about your younger sister, Jen. She has been struggling with depression from since you can remember, and she keeps explaining to you taking her medication isn’t worth it. She tells you that her side effects are worse than her mental affliction. She often turns to you for motivation to continue her prescription, but she’s embarrassed to talk about her condition and does not want to burden you.

The treatment of depression is a long and extensive process, one that can take months to see results. This delayed efficacy often times leaves patients wondering if their medication is even working. Without warm encouragement and a steady reminder, depression medication is often left dangerously untouched.

Currently, 50% of unsuccessful depression treatment is caused by medication non-compliance, making it the largest cause of re-admittance to hospitals and relapse into depression. These preventable relapses account for a loss of 40 billion dollars in the US economy. With 1 in 8 adults struggling with depression, this is an epidemic that affects every cross-section of our population. 2 in 3 of suicides are caused by clinical depression and our mission is to make sure that Jen does not become a statistic.

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