Inspiration -

As figure skaters ourselves, we noticed that a lot of young children are deterred from skating because of the cost. Figure skating dresses/suits are one of the most expensive pieces of equipment a skater can buy, and often, skaters are left wondering if it was worth it. Skating outfits are often worn for a single program, and then sold for less than they're bought for. Every skater has spent hours dreaming of skating in that PERFECT dress or suit that would complement their program perfectly, with few skaters ever given the opportunity or funding to

Our goal is to encourage more people to try ice skating by giving skaters everywhere the option to create their own re-usable and interchangeable outfit designs by 'Doing-It-Yourself'. By utilizing STEM innovation, like 3D printing, we provide a cheaper and unique option for skaters to express themselves on the ice.

What it does -

LUTZurious Designs is a new design company focused on integrating STEM into performance gear for Ice Skating. Our idea of bringing interesting textural components to ice skating garments is unique to the skating world. Customers are able to choose from pre-made designs, or create their own design for us to 3D print.

Simply go on our website, and choose a top (shirts, leotards) and bottom (skirts, pants m/f) from our assortment of types and colors, then either try out our different pre-made designs or upload your own. Our system will allow you to customize where your design shows up on our 3D model, as well as play with colors and other tech accessories (like our LED lights).

How we built it -

The main garments (shirts, leotards, skirts, pants, and leggings) are constructed using sergers and sewing machines, while the designed accessories are made from the 3d printer. The sun sculpture also houses our LED motherboard.

Challenges we ran into -

Getting our equipment to have the right coding to be able to detect your speed as well as being synchronized to music, limited options in fabric for ice skating gear.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

For most of our members, this was our first Hackathon. We didn't know what to expect going into this experience, but we're proud of the work that we accomplished by working together nearly non-stop these past few days. It's amazing to see our hard work come together as a final project, especially by those of us who learned a new skill that's different from our current major.

What we learned-

Our team was made up of an assortment of different majors and minors, with each of us having strong suits in different areas. Where some lacked in knowledge of, or experience in, a subject, someone was always there to help fill in the gap. Our talents complemented each other well, and we were able to build off of one another. Our fashion majors learned about STEM processes, like 3D modeling and printing, and computer programming, for the first time, and our STEM major learned about the fashion process.

What's next for Lutzurious Design -

We would like to take our idea to the next level by finalizing our website, finishing a roster of pre-made designs to choose from, and by implementing the option to load your own designs into the site. If we want to reach our audience to the fullest, we'll need a fully-functioning website and roster of pre-made designs, and our end-goal is to start our business and begin changing the way the world skates.

Built With

  • 3dprinting
  • a-lot-of-coffee-and-grit
  • abs-material
  • autocad
  • autodesk
  • interlock-78%-poly-22%-lycra
  • led's
  • photoshop
  • procreate
  • serger
  • sewing
  • soldering
  • wixsite
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