We were inspired by Marslife's challenge to find a way to "activate" lurkers and make them more invested in the stream. So our goal was to make an extension that would make a stream more rewarding and entertaining for somebody who only watches or listens to the stream and barely interacts with it in any other way.

What it does

LurkHeroes is an extension built to "gamify" the watching experience. Every viewer of a stream has a level and an experience bar tied to it. For simply watching the stream, the viewer gains experience and can level up. Whenever they reach a certain level they can choose to announce their achievement to everybody in the stream. If they do agree to share their achievement, then the streamer gets a pop-up notification straight on their stream. We can also imagine how in the future the streamer can reward viewers with different rewards based on their respective levels.

How we built it

Our backend is done using Python Flask and our database is on MongoDB. Our front end is done using classic HTML-CSS-JavaScript combo. We also rely on websockets to display the level up pop-up notification on the streamer's obs.

Challenges we ran into

One of our main challenges was on the planning stage. We really wanted to make lurkers and viewers more invested in the stream, but since there are a lot of lurkers who don't like the publicity, we had to think of a way that wouldn't disrupt their privacy. Thus we came up with the leveling idea, a lot of people enjoy the feeling they get from each new level they gain since it is a kind of achievement. I mean that's what clicker games are based on and those are very popular. Leveling rewards people without having to somehow reveal their presence, it's like a little game only on their client side! And if the viewer does want the publicity, we have the pop-up notification for all the stream to see! On the technical side there were many challenges with css design and making the extension look nice, since we neither had a designer nor a full focus front end engineer. It was also hard to integrate our product with twitch, but it definitely helped that one of us has built twitch extensions before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an extension that we like and are proud of in 24 hours.

What's next for LurkHeros

We hope to implement more features that would make our game-extension even more fun for a viewer.

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