We were inspired by other services that we felt could be taken further but mostly for a desire to solve a problem we face. We spend a lot of the time when starting new projects repeating the same steps and we knew we could automate them.

Just making a project template that incorporated our most basic needs wasn't a perfect solution. There's no one size fits all way to solve this. Also we wanted to make this so it could be useful to other developers, regardless of their preferred languages or tools.

So we built a product that basically replaces the work of a full week (the first week of a project) with a few clicks of the mouse and a lot of ambition.

With just a few minutes, a developer can have a working project complete with the most common MVC modules (user models, messaging, api, etc). Integrate 3rd-party services like Facebook login or PayPal payments. Have it staged on a server of their choosing, and pushed to a repository on their GitHub or Bitbucket account. Literally replacing 40+ hours of work in seconds!

Also. We have the cutest logo: Lurcat the Manekineko (lucky cat) lurcat. He's half French and half Japanese.

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