Popular music streams like provide conducive focused work environments. We wanted to elevate the listener's music experience by creating an environment that appropriately fits the vibes of the song.

What it does

Vibes is a web application that plays music. Using the search bar, users are able to search for any English song. Vibes will generate a music video with GIFs that matches the mood/sentiment of the song based on the song lyrics.

How we built it

React library sentiment analysis, mernstack

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team chose to write in React which we are not familiar with, and in the end, our product manages to work!

What we learned

We managed to pick up a lot of skills (e.g. using React, incorporating multiple APIs), especially within a short period of time.

What's next for Vibes

Users can create and join group sessions, viewing the same music video together. Furthermore, instead of only the current three moods (happy, neutral, sad), we plan to expand the different emotions that songs try to express. We would also want to create auto GIFs animations based on the lyrics (what each word/phrase means).

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