The problem

This week, we spoke to friends and family about the difficulties of quarantine. We were surprised to learn that the hardest part for many was the loss of social interaction at work.

Right now, millions of people around the world are effectively isolated from their colleagues. This problem is especially painful for older workers and those who struggle to use new technology.

Our solution

Our solution is called Lunsj and our mission is to spark social connection at work. We have created a B2B software that brings back chance social encounters to the remote-first workplace.

The Lunsj web app automatically matches and invites colleagues to video hangouts, without the need for scheduling or setup. There is no app to download or software to learn — everyone can just grab Lunsj.

Our demo's key functions include weekly matching for 1 on 1 chats and 4 person lunch hangouts. Signup, company admin, calendar support and video chat features are all live. And our algorithm ensures that all matches are new matches.

What we built

We have built a web app that takes the initiative to socialize for individuals and automatically matches colleagues for 1 on 1 chats and 4 person group lunch meetups on video chat on a weekly basis.

Website, signup, company admin, calendar support and video chat features are all live, and our algorithm ensures that all matches are new matches.

After receiving their account creation email, account admins can set up a functional account, add colleagues and set company settings. This then triggers a welcome email sent to all employees that describes how the product works.

For the demo, group event invitations with calendar file and unique video link are sent out automatically after the admin confirms company settings, though when implemented this would be sent on a weekly basis and include an opt out function.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of Norwegian Energy drink!

The impact we hope to have

Lunsj is simple to use, accessible for any individual, and relatively inexpensive on a per-company basis, so we will be able to position our product as a simple yet effective way to build cohesive relationships across an organization in the long term, while solving for social isolation among employees in the short term. To help achieve this, we want to provide a workable discount to companies interested in our product for the curation of the current crisis.

Because of this, we estimate that we are able to deliver significant value to thousands of companies and millions of employees around the world, regardless of their location, industry, or technology skill. While Lunsj has the potential to help millions of people, we would be proud to achieve 1 million active Lunsj users by the end of 2020.

While this is not going to happen overnight, we believe that the simplicity of our solution, and the technical and operational competencies of our founding team, will be capable of delivering on our vision in the coming months and years.

What's next for Lunsj

We are already having conversations with HR managers and company leaders in Scandinavia to refine the value proposition and feature sets at launch, and to trial the product. In addition, we are being introduced to an enterprise partner next week that will qualify us for co-development grants from the Norwegian government.

We have multiple upgrades already planned, including time-zone support, 8-person Creativity Sessions (where employees come together to solve company challenges), and inspirational conversation starters for use in different meeting contexts. Our algorithm will also be expanded to enable more granular dynamic matching based on personal interests, location, role and more.

If we win the hackathon, we will be able to kick start our solution by incorporating the Lunsj company, cover necessary product hosting and software costs, and be fast tracked for further support through the Innovation Norway government startup grant scheme. We will also seek out advisors and company partners to support our endeavor more broadly.

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