Square Meal - LunchUX submission

Square Meal is Ad Hoc LLC's entry in the LunchUX Challenge.

We designed LunchUX as a mobile-first application, and used a Responsive web design, since we wanted Square Meal to be available to users on mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

When designing our application, we took special care to craft an experience that helps and guides the user through the process of understanding what information is required, where they can find that information, and making sure that all the proper information is provided. We also made sure to not overburden the user with entering information where, based on past responses, we could determine that we did not need to collect that information.

We conducted user research from a group of parents with children, and have included the results of the user research in our submission. Based on that feedback, we improved the explanations and flow that we took the user through, and made some of the validations and messaging more clear.

To try out the app, visit https://lunchux.adhocteam.us.

For more information on Ad Hoc LLC, visit https://adhocteam.us.

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