Having recently learned a little bit of HTML and CSS at school, we wanted to try making a website that involved both these languages and also some javascript.

What it does

Lunchtime Fitness allows the user to create a custom workout routine. Depending on the user's goals, lists of exercices are suggested and the user can put together a routine through an intuitive and minimalist drag-and-drop system. This website is aimed at beginners for whom fitness may seem too overwhelming because of the vast variety of workouts.

How we built it

We used HTML to build the content, CSS to format it and Javascript to make it interactive.

Challenges we ran into

As we didn't have much knowledge in HTML and CSS and nearly no knowledge in Javascript, we had to look up even simple problems on the Internet to make our code work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came up with a challenging idea which we thought would not be possible for us to accomplish. But in the end we were able to develop a functional website while having to learn a language that was essentially new to us.

What we learned

We were able to discover new functions of HTML and CSS as well as learn the basics of Javascript.

What's next for Lunchtime Fitness

In the future, we plan to add more small functionalities like timers and visual demonstrations of the workout. We would like to make it possible to save the workouts as PDF files. We also plan to improve the interface to make it more intuitive.

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