Sometimes it's hard to decide where to go out with your friends, maybe you are busy working on a project, maybe you just have different schedules, maybe you always go to the same four places, this application offers a simple way to coordinate going out to grab some food or just a drink.

What it does

Luncher allows you to choose a place for lunch or drinks.

How I built it

Luncher is a native Android application, it uses Magnet to create and manage users, groups, invites and messages. Digits is used to provide login by SMS and Firebase is used to store places.

Challenges I ran into

Completing this project had different challenges, the biggest one was coming up with a UI flow design that was simple to use, looked good and offered a good way to interact with the different options that are offered.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to complete an application that has real value, something that I would use.

What I learned

Starting a project is very easy, it is also easy to get discouraged, writing a prototype is simple, but getting something that can be demoed was though.

What's next for Luncher

There is a lot of room for improvement, the application could integrate with services like Yelp, some of the next steps are, create an iOS application, maybe a full web application, I would like to find contributors, I need to improve security, and I need to publish it.


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