My partner and I always wanted a way to easily find recipes using the things we have at home, because let's be honest, we rarely have all of the ingredients needed to make a recipe on YouTube. So decided to create lunchbox.

What it does

You just enter in a keyword of what you have at home or something you would like to make like "dosa" or "egg," and it'll give you multiple recipes of how to make that or what you can make using what you have at home

How we built it

We used JavaScript, HTML, and APL's to create it. The APIs were used to find recipes and HTML/CSS for the design, and lastly the JavaScript to create the buttons and such.

Challenges we ran into

It was really difficult to create a way to output the different recipes but after using Chat GPT and other sources, were able to successfully accomplish it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of the login system (still in the works), and the ability to display the user's desired recipes.

What we learned

How to use APIs, and how to create a login system.

What's next for Lunchbox

Hope to create a save recipes link so that users can easily save recipes. We also want to expand it so that people can use it for a health schedule (Exercise, sleep, etc.)

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