Late last year, Yin and I begin our journey exploring ideas of a product that could somehow enhance people's lives. We came up with a few awesome ideas and started doing more research. To make 2016 an exciting year, we decided to write down a few goals. One of them is to enter a hackathons. When we came across the E.A.T School Lunch hackathons, we were thrilled because this challenge is perfect for us to accomplish one of our goals for 2016! And so that's how it begins...

We started to do more research, study the requirements, discuss different options how we are going to built it and what would make it not so boring. Every weekend, we would go to a coffee/tea place to work. Our notes and sticky posted everywhere around the apartment. We live it, study it everyday and finally we agreed on one unique workflow. We said: 'Okay, this is how we are going to built and re-imaged this application'.

I'd say the biggest challenge was to find time to work on the project as we both have full time jobs. However, we managed to work on it over the last few months diligently and today we got the final product. We are proud and extremely happy to complete this project. It took dedications, commitments, and aspirations to strive for the best result possible.

We learned how to work together as a team. Put aside our personal differences and focus on the main goal. As individuals, we have different working style. Understanding this piece helped us work together more efficiently and without conflicts. I'd have to say towards the end of the project, we knocked down every obstacles that creep up on us. Those bugs that caused the app to not work properly, didn't discourage us. We continue to work with joy and laughter, and that's how 'Lunch for Me' was born.

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