Lunch Bites are a lunchbox series that will enhance our daily lives. They are simple, functional and elegant. A design we can easily transport to work, proudly display on our desk, and pop open with pleasure. They make us feel like we are having a meal on a plate, like home.

Lunch Bites are insulated boxes that keep food at its desired temperature. So hot food stays hot and cold stays cold for up to 6 hours. This design has insulated walls and air tight seal in an elegant form. Different boxes allow you to pack a variety of food and snacks efficiently and sustainably.

My goal is to encourage New Yorkers to bring their own lunches to work. Aside from saving money, Lunch Bites enable portion control, healthy ingredient choice, and infinite creativity! I can imagine these boxes on our desks, looking clean and elegant. We can simply open and indulge/dive in on our own terms.

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