Inspired by doodle jump and chicken scream, the classic platform jumping game and the trendy yelling game.

Overall story: a lonely astronaut trying to jump higher and find his place in this universe (meanwhile stay safe and avoid attacks from aliens)

What it does

The user yells at varied frequencies to either move left (low frequency) or right (high frequency). There are even options for multiplayer.

How we built it

We used CSS, HTML, and Javascript via the Phaser game engine to build the game. Thanks for the help of, and facebook support team.

Challenges we ran into

The multiplayer proved slightly buggy and microphone permission on chrome is not guaranteed currently, but those are further developments to make the game better! The github links of tutorial that facebook provide have been 404 Not Found! FB sets the frequency of the client and server to be 5sec each time, so we have to build our own server to host real-time Multiplayer game Chrome did not allow internal web page to ask for using microphone permission and messenger mobile app operates based on Chrome, so there is no way to gain access to microphone on phones and chrome.exe Facebook messenger instant game only allows wss connections to the local server,but the server we have only ws connection.Therefore, we have to get rid of Facebook server and use our own server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The mic input works very well, and people watching the game have lots of fun watching the player make fun noises!

What we learned

Creating a game through Instant games is difficult, but doable!

What's next for Lunatic Jump

We hope to fully implement multiplayer, as well as add shooting features, different platform types, and more.

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