Austronauts on the ISS are surrounded by technology, but their onboard outfits lack wearable tech elements popular down on earth. We want to bring austronaut wear into the 21st century.

What it does

Lunasuit is a space suit that measures your body's heartbeat and allows you to easily see if it is within range. It also allows you to command your spaceship using Leapmotion's gesture control.

How we built it

We attached a Dragonboard and LED strips to the suit as well as a LeapMotion with a mock control panel to demonstrate gesture control. We created a server on a separate computer to represent the ISS, and all of the data goes through the central hub.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time attaching the LED's to the suit and struggled with time management for the rest of the event.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're glad we mastered wireless communication with the Dragonboard to perfect our heartbeat sensor.

What we learned

Sewing is much more difficult than originally anticipated

What's next for LunaSuit

A next-level control panel.

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