I love LoFi and it really helps me relax and focus so I wanted to be able to create a website just for the sole purpose of listening to LoFi.

What it does

Users can listen to LoFi music as well as saving and customizing LoFi playlists by signing in.

How I built it

The frontend is in React, CSS, and HTML. If I got the audio to work, I was planning on pulling the music from an API or a file on my computer.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a lot of challenges because I had to learn many new things. The audio was probably the biggest challenge for me, I had a hard time getting it to work. My "How It Works" page doesn't work either which stressed me out a bit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Just the fact that I did this on my own. Starting a project can be a bit intimidating to beginners but once you get going, it's not so bad. I'm proud of myself for pouring in all the time and dedication into this and I want to continue to build my skills!

What I learned

I learned a lot from this project. I've used React in the past before, but never with a project from scratch. So I believe I am a bit better with React. I also bit a website on my own for the first time so I definitely learned a lot from that as well.

What's next for LunarFi

Going forward, I want to get my audio working as well as fixing the page that didn't work. I also want users to be able to listen to playlists that are shown on the homepage. Making the front end nicer would be great too.

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