The Lunar Explorer is an app in which users can explore and discover the moon. We used Google to do our research on the moon. We researched topics such as the elements within the atmosphere of the moon, the elements that make up lunar soil, the rotation on its axis and revolution around the Earth, and the NASA projects that have included the moon. Matt Brosinski and Brandon Hollandsworth used Unity 3D to create this app. The first thing we did was model the landscape. Afterwards, the texture was added to the landscape. We used lunar photos to give the texture more detail. Then Genetica was used to fix the textures so that they were seamless. The questions and scoring system were scripted using Javascript. After we finished building the app, we created a web player so that this app could run on the internet. The soundtrack added to the app was created by Darius Hale. The music was uploaded as an audio source component to a game object within the app. We utilized Fraps to create a screen capture video that was then edited by Richard Hall, and then uploaded to Youtube.

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