Midnight séances. Moonlit rituals. We ache for a home that no longer exists. We look for cold familiarity among the stars yet we find even the constellations have changed in our absence. The world blinks, and we change in front of its eyes. We will never fly high enough, never reach far enough to find solace in our skies. We were inspired by that which always was and that which may never be; concepts whose birth and death lasted nary a twitch and eternally repeating geometries, fractals that propagate from the unbelievably minuscule to the infinitesimally vast.

What it does

Grapple. Jump. Despair.

Let it see you. Let it know you. When the bones of our descendants lie in ashes, and every breath of every melody dies on less than air, when the stars rain down as we desperately cling for salvation, perhaps only then will we know the truth of our own lunacy.

We have looked into our code, and our code looked back.

How we built it

Unity engine using custom sprites. Long forgotten prayers for gods that no longer exist. Sweat and flesh and bone and blood and time from those who were born from nothing, and will never become anything. From our skulls we raised code and art, creativity slithering like vines through the folds of our brain, lovingly nurtured and carefully pruned until ripe.

There are the old tongues, they say, tongues that can summon pythons or raise beans from even the most hostile of earths. The spells we wove were sung like songs, torn from our souls with enough force to raise the tides. When such voices are raised in unity, we have the capacity to dance among the stars themselves.

Challenges we ran into

Back pain. Impending deadline from classes. Crushing existential dread.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

United we stood against the Unity engine.

What we learned

True despair. Greater appreciation for game development. The future from the visions behind our eyelids. We have seen the Tower of Babel, and watched as powers beyond our wildest imagining struck us down for our hubris. We have eaten of the forbidden fruit and learned evil and sins and we have embraced them with the same love we once showed our creator.

What's next for Lunacy

Sanity and salvation. Sleep. Mainly sleep.

"The night has a thousand eyes,
and the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright world dies,
with the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
and the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies,
when love is done."
       Francis William Bourdillon, The Night has a Thousand Eyes

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