According to Forbes, 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key for leaving. Another survey based off of over 300 businesses stated that 77% of employees feel they’re on their own to develop their careers. These statistics demonstrated to us that there's still much that can be improved upon in the employment field. Also, we wanted to help provide a solution to battle discrimination in the hiring process and workplace.

What it does

Therefore, we decided to build Luna, implemented with a new algorithm which pairs employees with jobs based not only on skills, but also values and interests. To allow each individual to showcase these traits, we give them the power to customize their profile page however they like. Overall, this fosters a better team unity and is more beneficial long-term. Finally, Luna also systemically blurs out names and pictures in the resume and profile pages in order to reduce discrimination.

How I built it

We prototyped the design using Framer, an online platform that prototypes apps for teams. We then used react-native to code most of the app, Python as backend and firebase as database.

Challenges I ran into

A challenging aspect was utilizing machine learning to detect similarities between different profiles. We had a lot of difficulty and ended up with a highly variable model. Essentially, our system worked well only on specific examples and would completely flop on others.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're most proud of finishing the project within the time constraints, despite all the multiple goals we were striving to accomplish within the app.

What I learned

We should have spent more time in the beginning coming up with certain checkpoint meetings. We wasted some valuable time building or fixing the same parts due to miscommunications and this created overall bugs that costed us much more time than if we had just better communicated since the beginning.

What's next for Luna

  • Build a website
  • Implement more customization (homepage, feeds)
  • Give counselling to people (students and their future for ex based on how they choose to customize stuff)
  • Have the possibility to include short videos on your profile
  • Video-chat platform to set up interviews or for networking events and job fairs
  • Have people review their last job offerings
  • Give the option to sync the profile with other platforms such as Insta or Fb
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