Marketing, Promoting and Advertising is one of the major concerns for any company in the real world, a company always wanted to showcase their product in a unique way so that customers could easily be attractable and every company wanted a poignant storytelling tool to advertise their product.

What it does

Our idea is to integrate a mobile-based platform (Mobile Application) using augmented reality for efficient promotion, marketing and advertisement of products in shopping malls and all other places where the advertisement is sought for, though there are many ways to promote and solve the issues for customers, our application stands aside from the traditional way of marketing, the people will have connectivity to the virtual world, and at the same time, the company will have a powerful backend for customer segregation and management.

How we built it

First, we did the coding part in C#. Worked on unity3D with vuforia sdk and echoAR for better connectivity. We used google Firebase for application building.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges that we faced during the creation of this project, some of them are listed as follows: To understand the augmented reality technology and integrating it into a mobile application. To estimate which technological stacks should be implemented to achieve the required objective. To help the user in understanding the working of our application

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After researching and studying thoroughly, we understand which tools should we have to use in order to make our project. The Unity 3D provides great tools to implement an AR Scene with customized coding in C# programming language and allows to develop application across different platform. Among different AR SDK, the reason behind choosing the Vuforia SDK is that it provides the cross-platform ability and better image recognition. For any industry it is very must that it should have better backend connectivity, so we are optioning Google Firebase for the backend database. echoAR is also integrated in this project, which provides cloud-based AR connectivity.

What we learned

After overcoming numerous hurdles, we are now much more confident as developers and proud of being able to contribute to society in an efficient way. Also, completing the project before the deadline is next to achievement for us!

What's next for Luminous

  1. To have a better UI/UX
  2. To add a chatbox for better interaction and understanding of the app

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