What it does

Lumino allows people to make informed decisions about their public transport options in order to improve everyone's safety. It achieves this by using data about crimes in Victoria as well as data about the safety features of stations e.g (cctv cameras, police presence etc.)

How we built it

We built Lumio using Postgres as a database, with a Vue.js frontend and an express.js API server. This was supplemented by some great open source projects including: Leaflet, Mapbox and OpenTripPlanner. As well as this, we are publishing an OpenAPI specification with the server API details, from which other developers can contribute their own code, and write client libraries to make use of this data.

Challenges we ran into

It was quite difficult in the end to stitch all the data together as it came from a variety of sources and was not always consistent, even across just PTV. In order to combat this we had to carefully examine the data, as well as having sensible fall backs for when data was not available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building something that can help people feel safe, and improve their lives, as well as giving people peace of mind, that the important people in their lives have access to safe transport. Also getting all the services to talk to each other to create a cohesive product.

What we learned

A lot about PTV, maps and the difficulty of dealing with large amounts of data.

What's next for Lumino

Lumino has many future ambitions including:

  • More relevant data
  • Uber options
  • Expand Scope (other cities/countries)
  • Improve visualization of existing data

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