Diabetes mellitus is associated with heaps of loads: controlling of glucose levels, injecting insulin, regular meal times, chose wholesome food and much more. That all can be a limitation for the living conditions and effects the diabetes therapy. The usage of clinical instruments and alarm functions intensify the stress activity and imply ‚sickness‘.

In addition to that we’re facing a digital world with millions of apps and notifications. Every app on our phone wants to be the most important one. Facebook, Twitter, Mail are just a few of them, but sometimes there’re more important notifications like the alarms for our health status like Glucoselevels. These notifications disappear within all the other notifications we get. If we’re at work, watching a movie or calling with someone, alarms reminders and notifications can be disturbing and annoying. We switch them off, ignore or forget about them, which can be really dangerous.

Our personal experiences inspired us to develop a way to control and document blood glucose levels that conforms to your lifestyle. Through conversations with other diabetics the app Lumind came to life. Using innovative technology Lumind empowers you without interrupting your day.

The app synchronizes with a specially designed light to effectively visualize your measurements. After the documented levels are analyzed the app reminds you when it's time to measure again through subtle light pulses. This enables you to be flexible and react wherever and whenever. Lumind's minimal design allows you to discretely integrate in your daily environment and promotes a better self management.

The flexible and adaptive nature of Lumind promotes a better management to your blood glucose levels. Lumind aids you during the day while the light serves as a beacon that can equally be used by family and friends. In a smart but clearly noticeable way it communicates as a constant companion – whether in school, at work or at leisure activities with the user or relatives.

With lumind, diabetics will be able to integrate diabetes at best into their own life to avoid negative physical, psychical and social consequences of the disease.

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