"Having dealt with a lot of anxiety the past one and a half years, I lost interest in the things I love. Hobbies like playing music, performing, and even studying for school became less exciting to me. Since this loss, I began to not feel like myself anymore, and sometimes couldn’t even identify myself in this new state.

I think “being healthy” is a version of myself where I truly feel comfortable in my own skin and also where I am able to feel joy in the things I learned to love. Because in the end, we’re all human, and the one thing that keeps us going in life is love, and we lose a sense of that, then we begin to question ourselves and lose that light." — a close friend.

Our app: LUMI: finding the light.

LUMI: pulled from "illuminate" and derived from Latin lumen, figurative meaning as the "light of life".

Also stands for "Love U Mean It" :)

Look for light in every day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.

When we have bad days, it’s really easy to fall into a rabbit hole of focusing on all the areas we've failed ourselves. But this app is here to remind us of all the times we DIDN'T fail ourselves and all those days when we were really happy. This app is here to remind you that it is okay to not be okay.

What it does

Lumi is a personalized journal, companion, and cheerleader. Lumi sends users a gentle reminder to check in on themselves, upon which users can log their emotions for the day, or "feed their fruits".

The app keeps a diary of each mood, letting users track their well-being over extended periods of time.

Additionally, Lumi texts daily motivational messages. Users can tell Lumi how they're feeling, and Lumi will reply with a customized message based on their emotional state. Lumi tries to eliminate feelings of loneliness by reaching out randomly, providing companionship and a shoulder to lean on.

How we built it

Python to integrate Twilio's SMS API. Adobe XD to build the UI prototype. XCode to put everything together.

Challenges we ran into

We were unsure how to personalize the daily morning text, based on the user's previous day's mood.

Integrating python into Xcode.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

warm and fuzzy user interface// creating a loop for custom daily texts//
integrating Twilio API!!

What we learned

how to use APIs (it was our first time working with APIs!)

What's next for Lumi

AI Chatbox — For a more personalized, companion-like feel.

Mood Graph — Visualize mood trend. ** with the option to track menstruation cycle in parallel to mood graph.

Media Resources — Connecting users with helpful resources to help them learn more about what they are going through, and how other people conquered the same thing. Resources: podcasts, songs, articles, videos, etc.

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