We go on campus a lot. As in every day a lot. But checking in every single day and showing our check-in status in every building got tedious, fast. Being engineers, we always think we can make things better, so we did.

What it does

Lumeny smoothens the in person school check-in process by revamping the flow.

First, create an account, and register through your school portal. Next, upload your proof of vaccination to ensure your school knows you're keeping everyone safe! You can then complete the daily check-in, optimized for a cleaner process. Your check-in is then automatically stored in the CockroachCloud Database, where it can be easily checked by building staff.

Thats it! No more pulling out phones to show check marks, qr codes, or struggling to pull up access cards! It's easy, breezy, beautiful, just as it should be.

You can also schedule all of your appointments from one spot, eliminating the dozens of links saved in your bookmarks!

How we built it

Front End - Flutter

Back End - Golang

Database Management - CockroachCloud

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, learning CockroachCloud from scratch proved to be a challenge, overcame by strategic thinking, and brute force! We also struggled with connecting the front end to the back end, specifically sending HTTP requests to the database.

It definitely was a learning experience for all of us, and we'll be more than proud to bring these skills forwards with us wherever we go :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud of the user interface and flow of the app, as convenience and ease of use were one of our key focuses. We're also proud of being able to connect the front end to the back end, as it has been a common problem faced amongst us.

What we learned

This hackathon was an exercise in time management, and playing off of eachothers skills. We learned a lot about using new technology (CockroachDB), conducting market research, and building a solution. Being able to create a product from the ground up was extremely rewarding, and we hope to move forwards with the lessons we learned this weekend!

What's next for Lumeny

It's only up from here! Lumeny has potential to even further this smoothening process with Location Tracking via WIFI Signature, or provide scheduling management functionality through a custom API or through Calendly!

Because the only cost is to host the database online, the cost is relatively small, and is possible to scale to high volumes. It's customizability for different fields ensures that the sky's the limit when it comes to who can use it, because every business, from music concerts to doctor appointments, could use both a check-in app and an appointment management app.

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