Ever since I was a child, I have loved watching Star Trek, this is a wonderful series that showed us not only the future of technological progress, but also raised philosophical questions. After all, we are all explorers/seekers looking for our own path and cognize this world. For me personally and for everyone with whom I work, blockchain and its technologies have become an object of study, an endless path to the future, and it depends on us what we will create. Remembering this and the very first old space games, I thought, why not breathe life into it? And the blockchain is called Stellar. Well, welcome to the new trek - LumenTrek

Thank you Stellar!

What it does

Lumentrek is an NFT card game built on Stellar blockchain with each card representing a starship with unique properties. Users can collect and trade cards or use them to fight with others.

Lumentrek is a platform combining an NFT marketplace based on Stellar and a card game in which users fight with their starships.

Users are free to: 1)Buy 2)Sell 3)Collect 4)Mint (soon) NFT cards.

Each card has 2 sides: front side, which is unique, and back side, which is same for all. Front side contains description of a certain starship and its parameters: damage, protection and speed. There parameters define your chances to win.

How we built it

Using React JS + stellar sdk + minting process.

Challenges we ran into

  • Build working game which use NFT as game object.
  • Mint some NFT for game
  • Developing ipfsHash standart based on example which use addition metadata

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working game! You can get some card and go for battle! Now we don't any more cards but after this will mint more and move game and testing step for many new users.

What we learned

How to use and create wonderfull apps with NFT by Stellar

What's next for LumenTrek

Roadmap: 1) Technical improvement 2) Mint new cards 3) IpsfHash test & improvement 4) Multiplayer development 5) Creation of DAO and 2 tokens (payment & governance) 6) Marketing campaign

Alex Scorsbi - Core Developer Catherine - Designer

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