We targeted the purest, most critical aspect of education: the interaction between children and parents. Specifically, reading time.

Reading to your child impacts a child's education more than anything else.

Unfortunately, professional parents work so much and don't always have time. One of our developers, Alain, has a 2 year old boy who loves to be read stories - it's always: "one more story!" Unfortunately, like Alain, 60% of Dads don't have enough time during the week to read to their children.

"Lullaby" allows Alain to read to his son even he's working late or away on business. By recording their reading session, Alain can maintain a nurturing relationship with his son, and teach critical cognition skills while away.

Our target user is a professional couple in their mid 30s, and specifically a 35 year old working mom who wants to go from "Professional Mom" to Professional. Mom.

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