Lula the Narwhal is a digital friend your child can speak with. The app continuously takes in audio and runs sentiment analysis on your child's speech patterns, looking for common words and phrases associated with distress or mental disorders in children. If the app determines that your child's speech is concerning, it tells you with what was said and what disorders or problems it may be linked with.

Lula the Narwhal is meant to be used as a lightweight, early diagnostic tool for potential mental disorders. It's based on the premise that early detection and treatment improve outcomes, and that certain speech patterns can be predictive of certain conditions. Speech patterns used in analysis are pulled from data sets from children with depression and anxiety.

What's next

As if right now, Lula is an animated character on our site. In the future, a teddy bear or other stuffed animal equipped with a microphone would be used. The app would also have the option for push or text notifications to be enabled, allowing parents to receive notice of concerning behavior as soon as possible.

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