There are three types of people: taken, single and taken but acting like single. People falling into last two categories are always on the look and lukki is meant for them.

How it works

Lukki tracks your location with the help of GPS and allows you to make yourself visible to people who are also looking for someone. The cool thing is you're in the same/near place and can make a contact in an offline manner as well.

Challenges I ran into


Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Looking back to the past, there is no specific challenge that I'm proud of overcoming since they haven't solved any problem in other people's lives. I've always tried to be a diligent and hard-working student. But now it's getting more clear to me that I need to contribute to society more than that.

What I learned

I've learned that being able to have positive impact in other people's lives will make me happier than having a successful career.

What's next for Lukki

Lukki is just an idea by 20 year old finance student with no coding background and it certainly needs a plenty of sleepless nights to come alive.

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