Luka Finance helps employers to offer financial wellness to their employees by giving them early access to their earned wages before payday.

87% of Employees run out of funds before the next payday, and 75% of these employees turn to high-interest lenders to fix financial issues. The remaining 25% are unhappy at work which negatively impacts productivity. Employees face humiliation when they default on the loans they borrowed.

With Luka Finance, an employee can access 50% of their accrued earned wage before payday. 0% interest rate, 5% withdrawal charge. Instant access to funds anywhere, anytime. Financial education and tools to help employees manage their money

We are a team of 4 (1 product manager, 1 full stack engineer, 1 fronted engineer and 1 backend engineer), we built two products - the employer portal and the user portal using react, node.js, express.js, mysql. Seerbit APIs were used for virtual accounts for employers during repayment including the Seerbit Pocket API to enable the transfer of funds

Our challenges include the short timeframe to build a functional prototype of our project and that thought us the need to have a minimum working solution that could serve the user if it goes out today.

We are proud of being able to figure out a solution that could potentially give employees financial freedom, provide jobs and also add value to the economic growth of our community and country.

After this hackathon, we would like to spend more time doing some more research, put finishing touches to the MVP and take the product to the market. We fully understand that ideas in themselves are nothing without customer validation. We would like to put it in the hand of users, get some traction to validate the product and continue on the journey of providing financial freedom for employees

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