As a little kid I always wanted to try and be like the athletes on my television screen during the games. With Ludus, kids with the aspirations can now try and be like the athletes by trying to compete in the same events.

What it does

It lets users try their best at Olympic events like the 100m dash and others, letting them prove to themselves and others their skills. This allows entire families and neighborhoods to come together and compete in events, creating friendly competition.

One of the biggest aspects of this app is the 'gamification'. Those with a top 3 time for example in the 100m dash will have medals, but if another user can beat their time then they can take their medal so it encourages users to keep improving.

With possible partnership with LA 2024, we could reward athletes in certain age demographic based off how often they competed or whether they placed high and give them tickets to the events in that specific sport or to the games to encourage them to continue pursue that sport, possibly turning them into future Olympians.

How we built it

We programmed it using Objective C, the database was built using Firebase, and the UI was designed using Sketch.

Challenges we ran into

Gauging distance on the iPhone wasn't as accurate as we'd like, moving forward we may need to turn our focus more on the use of Fitbit and Apple Watch and other wearables that have a good in-depth API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to actually produce a functional product in this amount of time and also the UI, it came out cleaner than we expected considering it was our designers first time using Sketch.

What we learned

Scaling our project and what we can handle, we definitely learned a lot from the hackathon experience.

What's next for Ludus

Adding more events! We definitely want to explore other wearable tech to be able to track other Olympic events like golf and other sports supported by the games.

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