Inspired by the concept of metaverse, we want to create a seamless world where NFT is the key to enter the world we create, not just as a financial derivative.

Therefore, in the roadmap we designed, it is important to create content including anime and games, and they can enrich our metaverse world even more.

We thought long and hard about the initial design of the characters. Unlike other NFT projects, we have 6 completely different characters with different story backgrounds and different abilities, which carry foreshadowing of what is to come later in the subsequent anime game development.

What it does

Our goal is to make a metaverse-based NFT project. We build the content and framework of the metaverse world before the arrival of real devices that can access the metaverse. Each Ludens character is an avatar of an NFT collector in the metaverse world, and they will explore the metaverse world by means of the Ludens character.

How we built it

  1. 6 characters were created by our talented illustrators, each with their own unique base and attributes
  2. Based on this, we used Javascript to generate 1,999 different NFTs
  3. we used the framework provided by Metaplex to write smart contracts using the Rust language, enabling users to Mint NFTs on our website

Challenges we ran into

At the time of our early entry, Metaplex's protocol only supported the auction function, and we had to write our own Smart Contract to produce the fixed price Mint function The market is changing, there are new NFT projects appearing all the time, with eye-catching roadmaps, we need to respond to the market needs, and constantly adjust our strategy based on market needs. As a new NFT project, it was a challenge for us to do marketing on Twitter and run the discord community.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The first NFT project in which we can airdrop the unique script, scenes, and animation produced with the community
  2. The first NFT project with 6 completely different characters with their own unique style and attribute
  3. The first NFT project where its NFT holders will grow as our project evolves from avatars to anime to game eventually

What we learned

  1. Decentralization is the trend of future development, each independent person is an important force.
  2. Project development requires a cohesive community and respect for everyone's opinions and ideas.
  3. Marketing work is as important as development and design.

What's next for Ludens No.3

  1. Creating animation scripts, producing a storyboard
  2. The anime scripts we are currently working on will be airdropped to NFT holders, allowing for 3. secondary creation
  3. The anime we are going to produce will also be airdropped to NFT holders in the form of editions, so that they can share the profits of the anime
  4. Elements of the anime, such as scenes, buildings and plants, will also be airdropped to NFT holders (this is the so-called METAVERSE)

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