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Inspiration 💡

It's been a difficult time for parents during the pandemic. Many schools around the world have been in lockdown; thus, children have been continuing their studies at home. Imagine how difficult it is to be a parent during this period.

Currently, children attend school and study online for an hour or two a day link. For young children (ages 6-10), how do we provide additional support to further their knowledge?

Although parents may want to provide their children with more support to facilitate learning, it may not always be possible. Many children have access to mobile phones, tablets, and computers. However, it's hard to monitor the quality of the content that children are consuming link. If this is the case, then what is a good digital resource that can be used to help your children play and learn?

Lucky Teaches is here to help.

What Problem Does the Application Solve? 🧠

Lucky Teaches is a free online and educational solution for children between the ages of 6-10. We focus on providing engaging lessons targeting knowledge gaps that are often overlooked in school. These topics include public health safety (Covid-19 precautions), understanding cultural diversity, the importance of our environment, and more. We do this by implementing short lessons that feature interactive characters and videos. We want children to learn organically through playing.

Accomplishments We're Proud Of 🙌

Building a react app with a complex component structure from scratch in 24 hours. Since the target audience is young children, we added interactive characters and audio to attract users.

Challenges & Accomplishments 🏆

We built a React application that used multiple components and nested components from scratch within 24 hours. It was quite difficult to grasp routes and nested routes at first. The most important accomplishment is that we designed & developed a kid-friendly application.

What We Learned & the Future 📚

We learned that working in a team can be really helpful (especially pair programming). We ran into many bugs, and we fixed them together.

Although we have no plans to continue the application outside of the hackathon, we may incorporate bits and bobs of our beloved application elsewhere.

How We Made Lucky Teaches 🔨

Overview of a high-fidelity prototype of the Lucky Teaches Application

The first portion of the planning phase was dedicated to research followed by creating a high-fidelity prototype in Figma. We built the application using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Express.js, Node.js, Prettier, and ESLint.

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