Different sculptures that communicate with light and the idea that decentralization could use some proper decentral comms channel.


What it does

It informs you of the latest CryptoKitty and molochDAO news in a friendly and truely decentralized way, with true full-colour out-of-band communication. It queries the last new molochDAO member and displays id, shares, isActive and didRageQuit, as well as the latest CryptoKitty and displays id, owner and birthtime.

How I built it


  • Lucky cat with RGB Led eyes and esp8266
  • Simple RGB LEDs


  • Written in Micropython
  • Using PWM to drive the LEDs into different colours
  • Getting graphql data from thegraph and then morsing that data. For that, each string is barsed character by character. This runs in an endless loop.

Challenges I ran into

  • Deciding if this was too small a project to do
  • Mmmh, should I actually try if soldering in the hackathon venue sets of the smoke alarm... or not.
  • There was no 2.4 Ghz Wifi
  • Does a graphql client fit into micropython?

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Incoporated the BauHaus spirit
  • Actually made the code more useable and easily extendable
  • Have ample opportunity for further hacking, though most of that requires hardware mods for which I didn't bring all the tools.

What I learned

  • Even light clients are big, and need a lot of RAM
  • Decide early what you want to do :)
  • 2.4 Ghz Wifi is important
  • 36 hours are long and short at the same time. So maybe this is also Schrödinger's cat.

What's next for Happy BauHaus Cat

  • Achieve true bidirectional communication through pairing with a 2nd cat or/and requisite iOS/Android apps that decode the data stream
  • Potentially add speaker for morse code sounds and/or Nyancat sound
  • Add OLED for QR-code (probably in the base, as there is not really a space to put it on the cat
  • maybe a true client once the Elk board ( is out

What's not working

  • Arm is currently not moving very well, as I lack the tools to fix it (would need to solder)
  • At the moment, the graphql data is only loaded at the beginning, as when reloading it every time or with a timer the board resets at the moment, and I didn't have any time anymore to figure out why.

Built With

  • esp8266
  • graphql
  • led
  • micropython
  • rgb
  • thegraph
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