The team's inspirations for this product come from being pet owners. Fresh food is very expensive when purchased at pet stores, and not easily accessible. Our product will solve both problems of food waste and fresh food accessibility.

Lucky Pup Chow serves as the connection between grocery stores' discarded waste and pet owners, and offers a system for preparing the fresh dog food.

The Lucky Pup Chow food processor was inspired by a larger-scale meat grinder, as well as a conveyor belt pizza oven to disinfect the meats.

Initially, we wanted to provide our connection and product to pet food manufacturers, but wanted our product to still have the adaptability and cost-effectiveness that our product provides. By limiting our product to only smaller businesses, shelters, or even personal use, it reduces the long-term cost to obtain the fresh food.

We are proud to provide a new source of nutrition for pets while reducing waste. Our idea not only solves the solution for reducing food waste, it provides more cost-effective supplements to pets' diets.

We learned that many grocery stores have a system of composting their vegetables if they cannot be sold, but our idea provides more than just a different disposal option; Lucky Pup Chow upcycles the discarded foods to be used as another source of nutrition for dogs.

The next steps to developing Lucky Pup Chow is to find grocery stores that would be willing to participate in this program and pet shelters or owners that want to start incorporating fresh food into their pet's diet.

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