I would like to thank this hackathon competition for giving me the opportunity to get in touch with Oort Cloud, Lucky Chain is also an idea that I came up with after seeing Oort Cloud. Oort Cloud Integrates several major decentralized storage providers and provides us with s3 interface to access decentralized storage, so I think why not build a project for link all chains?

What it does

Lucky chain will centralize and decentralize users so that they are no longer scattered like Greek city-states, and like advertisements, help the blockchain accumulate more users from other chains, share each other's ecological chain. The lottery reward in Lucky Chain is giving user. It's a gift that might make user have something interest in other blockchains. when it build in other blockchain, It maybe bring more users to the Olympus or Storj.

How we built it

  1. We store the NFT data minted by users on Storj through Oort, and use the AWS S3 SDK to upload, download and read NFT meta data and pictures.
  2. We use truffle sdk deploy the smart contract on Olympus block chain.
  3. We host the site on Oort Cloud.

Challenges we ran into

We need to do this on different blockchains, so we need to deploy a lot of smart contracts, but I hope they can share the status of the lucky chain, which is a problem for us to solve because they involve different smart contract development language.

What's next for Lucky chain

We are currently running on the Olympus blockchain, and the next step will be to open up all compatible Ethereum layer1 blockchains, and promote this project in their ecology to achieve initial interconnection.

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