Lucky Seven... Lucky seven is a simple gambling game that is all about luck. The main screen in the app shows you three cards, you can place a bet on any of the 3 cards of you choice - "Below 7", "Exact 7" and "Above 7". Once everyone involved in the games has made their choice the game owner will scratch the screen on the lower part of the app to reveal the card below. Which eve rcard that was selected earlier matched this card wins 80% of the over all collection. You can get ready for the next round by simply clicking on the reset button. Here are the rules.

Rules for the games :

  • Minimum 2 members required to play this game.
  • Select the card of your choice before the hidden card is scratched and revealed.
  • if 2 or more person wins then the game has to be repeated for the winners untill we have one winner.
  • 20% of the total collection should be given as a tip to the owner or the host conducting the same.
  • If there is no winner i.e. the hidden card was not selected by anyone then all the collection ges to the owner or the game host. Happy Gambeling....

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