Aging Category.

Expensive, difficult-to-use, low-response-rates, lack of "continuous" data capture.

What it does

Automates surveys and patient subjective data via a familiar to use text-messaging (SMS) interface.

How I built it

Created a data model to support Medicare's Inpatient Patient Satisfaction surveys, created a twilio account, got a proof of concept working with the SMS messaging library.

Challenges I ran into

Wasted time on sqlite and making the data model components FHIR-compliant, gave up on building a "clean" app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It barely, barely works.

What I learned

Need to tailor my coding style for hackathons, phone technology is a lot more complex than I realized.

What's next for Lucille

Refactoring code I wrote in the last few hours prior to the deadline, addressing encryption/PHI issues, spinning up a SMS gateway in the cloud, implementing bits of natural language processing to help with answer collection/clarification, giving Lucille a personality.

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