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What it does

LucidText is an app that eases the process of reading research papers, articles, or scientific literature by defining complex words for the user. With LucidText, we hope to make previously inaccessible academic literature more accessible for the masses, specifically those with underprivileged backgrounds.

How I built it

We used python app engine with jinja to host a python server that is compatible with an HTML template connected to JS and CSS pages. We called upon an oxford dictionary API to convert words to their correspondent roots and retrieve their definitions for those words and a phrasefinder API that returned counts of word occurrences in general corpses, allowing us to understand which words the user was probably unfamiliar with.

Challenges I ran into

The logic behind the code was difficult. It also initially took a very long time to process research papers because of all the api calls that had to made for each word. To reduce this problem we were converted some of our lists into sets and that cut runtime in half.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

1.The webapp is fully functional!

  1. Use 3 APIs in conjunction with each other to make something meaningful ## What I learned We learned new ways of increasing the efficiency in large programs, new html,css, and js parts, and newer ways of coding in Python ## What's next for LucidText Next we plan on increasing our ability to accurately define words. Because our program does not use context, sometimes it returns the wrong definitions, when multiple definitions exist. We also plan on increasing the breadth of the dictionary API. Currently, the dictionary struggles to give definitions for nuanced chemical terms. Lastly, we plan to implement a phrase detector since words like "Machine Learning" would be defined separately as "Machine" and "Learning" rather than together

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