Storytelling has always been the best way to explain, to persuade, and to remember.

Lucidpress was born out of a desire to allow people to better tell their stories -- to share these stories in a rich and interactive way by taking advantage of the new technologies that today's readers expect.

Rosina's story here shows how a 65 year old grandmother, Linda, can engage her young grandchildren and future generations, and explain to them the life of her great grandmother Anna Rosina. They can see pictures and maps, read Linda's story assembled through meticulous research over many years, and even see and hear their grandmother talking directly to them through videos.

Even more importantly, instead of just being a static scrapbook with descriptions, they can browse through Rosina's life and dive in deeper to understand Rosina's childhood, or her second life in America, as they see fit.

Stories can now be more rich for the storyteller, and more engaging for the readers.

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